Fresh Home Design Ideas Inspired by Coastal Florida

Meet the Creative Inspiration Behind Jupiter Home Style: Lisa Sutherland

Interior designer and founder of Jupiter-based Sutherland Design Group, Inc. shares her story and vision for Jupiter Home Style


Relishing the Palm Beach Life—Jupiter Style

My roots are in Vero Beach, where I’ve spent most of my career working as an interior designer and construction project manager. It’s also where I raised my family. However, each time I traveled south to Palm Beach, I fell more and more in love with what was happening in the area.

The Palm Beaches are filled with growth, innovation, beauty and style. Benefitting from an influx of sophisticated transplants, the area commands a higher level of quality in architecture, technology and design innovation.

This truly piqued my interest professionally, so in 2017, I relocated myself and my company, Sutherland Design Group, Inc., to full time residency in Jupiter. I quickly discovered even more opportunities for creative solutions that residents and snowbirds alike were seeking: a new style that captured innovative ideas while preserving what made the Palm Beaches so special.

And that’s when I created Jupiter Home Style.

Sutherland Design Group’s Lisa Sutherland

Sutherland Design Group’s Lisa Sutherland


A New Way to Approach Interior Design

Jupiter Home Style promises to showcase how the area is inspiring my design eye and how I help clients realize better flow and design in and around their homes. What is even more exciting is how Jupiter Home Style promises to be a place where I bring even more value to more people by sharing the decor, technology and interior design elements I encounter in my travels and through client projects.

People will have access to new ideas as they consider their own remodel, redesign or new build. It’s a way for me to give more value on top of the work I enjoy doing for clients, and to share what I find that’s fun, creative and infused with the energy and vitality of the Palm Beaches.

This world is about helping each other and I love to help my clients to make their home more beautiful, functional and support the lifestyle they want.


Sutherland Design Group’s Portfolio

Over the years, we have had a wide variety of livable design and remodel projects to work on with our clients. Each client had a unique set of requirements and their own style, which we enjoy most because it allows us to cater each project to the owner’s personality, their treasures and their desired lifestyle.

Our project gallery below will give you a taste of the work we have done, yet, we highly recommend you schedule your complimentary consult with Lisa Sutherland so she can help you envision your dream home the way you want yours to be.


About Sutherland Design Group, Inc.

Based in Jupiter, Florida, Sutherland Design Group (SDG) serves the interior design needs of coastal homeowners throughout the Palm Beaches. SDG has been recognized for quality, professional work and high-integrity practices, and is well-suited for people who want to update their existing residence or build a new home that provides the functionality, aesthetics and comfort they want.

Unique to SDG is a deep understanding of the construction processes used throughout renovations, extensive remodels and new builds, saving clients extensive time and budget on their overall projects. SDG has designed and managed projects throughout the US and also in the Bahamas.


Client Raves

Thank you for the management of the work on our home. We are grateful for your judgement and guidance throughout the project. You made what could have been a stressful experience actually enjoyable! Our lives are centered in this home and we are still thrilled each time we walk through the door!
— P & R Casarra
I am so grateful, all your hard work, patience and sense of what is perfect for the space. It has turned out beyond what I could have imagined!
— A. Leschen
Throughout my experience with Lisa I have found her to be able to adapt to any situation and be most resourceful. She has excellent ideas and an unusual ability in selecting color and fabric. She’s resourceful and able to keep all projects on time and within budget.
— L. MacFarland
Lisa Sutherland worked with me on the following: space planning, detailed design of all built ins and furniture arrangement, bathroom designs, general lighting, selections of paint colors, textures, tiles, window casing, crown molding and baseboards. Lisa displays a genuine quality of listening to her clients and plans according to their lifestyles. She has a special talent in ‘pulling things together’ and she will work on plans and details until they are right. Lisa is in tune to all the ‘most recent’ designs and it shows in her work. I am very fortunate to have worked with her on this project as part of a great team together with the general contractor, the superintendent and myself; teamwork was essential to the success of this project. And Lisa is a team player. I continue to be 100% satisfied and grateful for her professional help in all areas. The ultimate compliment is that I would do this again tomorrow if given the opportunity and hire Lisa Sutherland in a heartbeat.
— R. Williams
We have worked with the Sutherland Design Group for a few years. Head designer, Lisa Sutherland, is easy to work with, a good listener, and has great ideas. She has handled design elements for us up to and through a total remodel of our condominium. The project was handled by her from beginning to end. It was so well done. We love the final results. Elements like slate on the wall and a terrific double shower. Our guest bath is an absolute showstopper! We would definitely recommend Sutherland Design Group.
— P. Smith
I am a building contractor in Vero Beach and have worked on several high end construction projects with Lisa Sutherland. Anyone considering a designer for their project couldn’t ask for a more qualified design professional. Lisa always finds a way to incorporate the latest design trends with the clients vision to deliver a product that always exceeds the owners expectations. Creativity aside: Lisa is a team player and works great with architects and subcontractors to achieve project goals.
— Indian River Project Management
We worked alongside Lisa Sutherland and the Sutherland Design Group on a condominium residence in John’s Island in Vero Beach, Florida last year. The level of professionalism and attention to detail sets Lisa and her company apart from the many of the design professionals in our area. She innovates and experiments with every facet of her design process providing her clients and colleagues with fresh ideas and unique perspectives. Since this project we have worked on several others since and it is always a pleasure to watch her work and to behold her completed design concept. Hiring Lisa is a guarantee that your needs, wants, and ideas will be well understood and executed flawlessly.
— Amber Knapstein
We have been extremely satisfied with Lisa’s work, not only in terms of design, selection of furniture, fabrics, carpet, etc., but also in terms of her attention to detail and follow up. She is a person of the highest integrity, knowledgeable and a joy to work with.
— JH Roberts

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need a licensed interior designer?

A: Because you want the result that can only be provided by a licensed professional with extensive training and experience in construction project management and interior design. I have dedicated my career to helping people create that special look. By enlisting the help of a professional, you’ll save countless hours researching, shopping and trying to find the right complements for your home. A professional will have access to interior design resources and better pricing that a non-licensed designer would not. That’s a benefit to you and your project.

Interior Design License

Q: How do you know if you’re working with a licensed residential interior design specialist?

A: Licensed interior designers should display their current state license ID number on their cards, advertising, websites and contracts. If you do not see this license number, ask if they are licensed and insured.

Q: Isn’t working with a licensed interior designer expensive?

A: Not necessarily. In fact, you’ll probably save more money by working with a design professional. You need to think of how much your time is worth to you, and working with a designer allows you to focus on what’s most important. In addition, licensed interior designers have access to professional resources, retailers, manufacturers and contractors. They have trusted relationships and can obtain additional savings through their established buying channels. You also eliminate risk by working with a trained, experienced and licensed professional who is responsible for their work and project outcomes.

Q: What about follow-up?

A: From the first conversation we have together through the entire project and afterward, your total satisfaction is our desired outcome. If you need anything from us after our project is complete, we are always here to be a resource to you and support you as you acclimate to your wonderful new home environment. Our goal is that we are your resource for as long as you need our help.

Q: Do I need to hire an interior designer if I only have one room I want redesigned?

A: There are many different kinds of interior designers; some will do small projects while others will only do new construction, and others find themselves somewhere in between. At Sutherland Design Group, our ideal project size includes total home renovation, remodel or new builds. However, we also do major room (living, dining, kitchen, master) space planning with complete furnishings and decor. Your best option is to schedule a free consultation to discuss your project and we will guide you to the best and most affordable solution so you can achieve the goals you want for your home.