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We help you revitalize or renovate your home with innovative, coastal-inspired interior design so you can enjoy more comfort, beauty and functionality.

Jupiter Home Style

Introducing Jupiter Home Style, provided to you by the professional interior design firm of Sutherland Design Group, Inc.


You Can Create the Home of Your Dreams

Life is too short to live in a home that doesn’t make you feel great.

Outdated, worn and tired homes are no fun. Don’t be held back from redesigning your home to support the lifestyle you want: the Coastal Florida lifestyle of bright, breezy and new.

Welcome to Jupiter Home Style, where you can get the inspiration, direction and design to make your home a star again.


We Love Coastal Florida Design

The Palm Beaches on Florida’s east coast are like no other place on earth. It evokes a feeling and desire for a lifestyle of sun, fun and enjoyment.

Many homeowners try to capture this feeling yet fall short because they struggle blending the Coastal Florida style with their personality so it truly feels like their home.

We understand the challenges and are here to guide, inspire and help you create your personal style of Coastal Florida design in your home.

With our decades-long experience in project management and interior design, we know how to achieve Florida Coastal design. We also know how to bring forth our client’s vision for their perfect home and lifestyle.


It’s Your Choice

Depending on your situation, there are several ways you can begin the journey of bringing your dream home into reality.

  • Sign Up to Jupiter Home Style: If you’re still envisioning your dream home, plan your redesign easily and efficiently with direct-from-the-designer inspired ideas, time- and money-saving shortcuts. Click here to sign up.

  • Get Personal Designer Advice: When you’re ready, you can sit down with Jupiter Home Style creator, Lisa Sutherland, owner of Sutherland Design Group, Inc. to talk about your ideas and desires for updating your home.

  • Kick Off Your Project: Work with Lisa and her team to reimagine, design and execute your remodel, renovation or new build.

Lisa Sutherland , Jupiter Home Style creator and owner of Sutherland Design Group

Lisa Sutherland, Jupiter Home Style creator and owner of Sutherland Design Group


How to Get Started

Ready to update, remodel or build a new home?
It’s easy to get started with Lisa Sutherland and Sutherland Design Group:


Step 1:

Lisa will meet with you to talk about your ideas for your perfect home and lifestyle.

house plan

Step 2:

Lisa will create a custom plan, review it with you, make adjustments and finish with a final design and budget that works for you.

paint roller

Step 3:

Lisa and her team go to work bringing your dream home to life—you can be as involved as you like along the way.


Create a Home to Love

We know it’s hard to envision what your ideal home will look like, whether you are wanting improved flow and furnishings in your existing home or you want to build from the ground up. It takes time. It takes expertise. It takes the right guide to get you there.

You shouldn’t have to pay more than is fair to get a home you can love for years to come. Nor should you settle for a home that doesn’t fit your personality or lifestyle anymore.

It takes an experienced professional to help you bring your vision to life, to take the time to understand your personality and preferences. Want keepsakes and heirlooms to be part of your new design? Absolutely. Want a better flow or openness to your space? It’s totally doable. Want the entire process to be fun, friendly and enjoyable? That’s the only way we work.

Schedule your complimentary consultation with Lisa Sutherland today.

Jupiter Home Style

Pick Your Favorite Style!

One of the first steps in reimagining your Florida Coastal home is identifying the interior design style that best matches your personality and preferences. We’ve made it super easy with this free guide:

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